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1. The first service of dedications by SMS being displayed on a television channel (Atomic TV, 2002)

2. The first service of subscription to news by SMS (FC Dinamo, 2003)

3. The first service of the Quizz type by SMS (First Division of the Football League, 2004)

4. The first interactive game by SMS for TV (TvKlumea (Love Match), 2004)

5. The fist service of micropayment by SMS (Dialplus/ParlaTel, creation of Dial-up accounts by SMS, 2003)

6. The first service of micropayments by voice call (EtnoTv, CD sale, 2003)

7. The first service of the mail2sms and sms2mail type (2005)

8. The first service of vocal recognition in the Romanian language (2008)

9. The first fully integrated TV-Web-mobile platform (PartyTv-2007)

10. The first integrated voice SMS operator (fixed telephony/SMS/Internet – ParlaTel+ Simplus – 2003)


Case studies for 2 of the projects through which we innovated:

The first interactive game by SMS for TV (TvKlumea (Love Match), 2004)

In 2005 Simplus implemented the first interactive graphical application dedicated to television stations. This was Love Match, an application which, starting from an order received by SMS, provides a calculation of a couple's compatibility and a qualitative description of the relation. The answer is displayed in an attractive graphical format on the television screen, varying according to the type of answer; the user also receives the answer by sms.

Launched on a music television, the interactive game had a tremendous success during the first few months after its launch, recording a traffic of over 150,000 single users a month; subsequently, it stabilised itself to a constant traffic, which for 4 years has been of approximately 50% of the maximum recorded capacity.

The first fully integrated TV-Web-mobile platform (PartyTv-2007)

In July 2007 PartyTv was launched, a young TV station which would broadcast mainly Romanian music. SimPlus created the operating platform web-based, having as a major advantage the facility of controlling remotely both the broadcast part (playout and graphics) and the interactivity part with the public.

Thus, simplus provides the infrastructure of remote access both to the broadcast system (secured access) and to a web interface (also secured) where the client  can manage all its interactivity applications: games displayed on TV, dedication messages from TV viewers, chat applications etc, and it also has access to a series of detailed reports regarding SMS traffic from the public to TV. This gives the client the possibility to adapt in real time the applications and services it provides and it has an extremely positive impact on the direct and prompt communication with the TV viewer.

This management method substantially reduces personnel expenditure and offers a centralized vision of the operation of the entire system. One year after the launch, PartyTv has a community of over 16,000 active users both online and by SMS.


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