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About EUROVISION at “See you on TVR”

One week after the Eurovision 2010 Final of March 6 , the organiser of the event, TVR, broadcast today an edition dedicated to the winners, inviting on the set of the “See you on TVR” show, moderated by Marina Almasan, those who contributed to the development of the event.
Of course, the protagonists were  Paula Seling and Ovidiu Cernauteanu, the winners who will represent Romania in Oslo.

Simplus Invest, the company which provided the entire televoting solution of the event, was represented by Dan Boabes (general manager). He spoke about the method of voting by SMS and by phone call to free green numbers (this year it was the first time when the competitors could be voted for free as well, and a record number of calls was registered), about the behaviour of the user who has at his/her disposal a free service (”there were hundreds of people who called in order to vote for all the 16 songs”), answered the questions related to the technical solution provided for televoting (”hundreds of telephone lines were made available for voting within the limit of the budget allotted by the organiser, (…) the capacity was three times larger than the largest call-center of a television in Romania”), confirming once again the good operation of the voting system.  There were almost 200,000 calls, out of which 117,000  valid votes; several hundreds of viewers called for all the 16 songs present in the contest.

Green numbers are toll-free, the called party (the organiser) paying for the cost of these calls. Therefore, the configuration process of the budget is very important, as the technical resources which may be allotted to such a project are also based on it.

As the hostess of the show, Marina Almasan, noted, the public liked the fact that the feedback message that they received after voting by phone came right from the voted artist. Each number allotted to each artist had a thank you message for the vote recorded by the respective artists themselves.


At the end of the show a software application implemented by Simplus extracted live one of the telephone numbers that voted in the Eurovision 2010 final.  Thus, the owner of this number won a trip for two people to Oslo.



And, since a success was being celebrated, the show ended with the strains of the winning song “Playing with fire”, the savouring of delicious Romanian forcemeat rolls of cabbage, which Paula Seling’s parents, who came all the way from Baia Mare, had brought hot and kept in clay pots covered by blankets in order to keep them tasty.

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The cell phone, Romanian’s burning passion

The economic crisis doesn’t seem to have reduced the budgets allocated for calls, as Romania is one of the markets with the most spectacular evolution in the telecommunications industry. Last year, the penetration rate of mobile telephony in Romania was of 133%, which represents 28.5 million SIM cards.
In Romania, mobile telephony has always been telecommunications operators’ ace in the hole. This type of service has managed to be adopted on a large scale, and we are speaking here both of voice calls and internet on mobile phone.
Our country has been included on the list of the 60 most important countries as far as mobile telephony market is concerned, the top leaders of the classification being Japan, South Korea and Italy. In Romania, the penetration rate of mobile telephony was of 133%, which represents 28.5 million SIM cards, above the average of East Europe. Out of these, 24.5 million are active cards. According to a study made on the Romanian market, in Romania there are around 16 million single users of GSM services. The estimate confirms the absorbtion of mobile telephony by the majority of the population aged 8 - 9, but also by the older population. Practically, mobile operators have demographic information regarding less people than those 40% who use subscriptions. This is due to the fact that each subscribed physical person may have two subscriptions with two different operators and is entered as being allotted 1.3 SIM cards.
Mobile telephony in figures: Romania in top 60 of the most important states as far as GSM network is concerned. 28.5 million SIM cards sold in 2008 in Romania. 3,600 billion SMS ’s sent globally in 2008. 4.3 billion written messages sent by Romanians last year. An average of one SMS a day sent by a single user in Romania.
2.74 million active mobile internet connections in 2008.

source: www.adevarul.ro

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SimPlus organised the televoting solution for Eurovision 2009

On January 31, 2009, the Eurovision 2009 national selection took place, and for this event SimPlus, an SMS solution provider, organised the entire televoting solution (voice call, voting by sms + graphical display solution).

Starting this year, the Romanian Television chose SimPlus as the interactivity solution provider for all its 6 channels. “As it was a new collaboration and we knew the technical problems related to televoting in each of the previous years, we were quite nervous when accepting this challenge. Only two weeks before the contest did we find out that we would organise this service, and we were asked for the display solution only 4 days before, said Dan Boabes, SimPlus CEO .

The company used actively redundant servers (in clustering), in different locations, with load balancing, capacity supplements and voice flow allocations to different pieces of equipment. A less known indicator of the telecommunications equipment is CPS = Calls per second, i.e. how many calls generated during one second it supports. Standard telecommunications pieces of equipment do not support more than 60-70 CPS, regardless of the number of telehone lines they have. By distributing traffic to different pieces of equipment, we managed to reach over 200 CPS under a normal operating status,” said Dan Boabes, SimPlus CEO.

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