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Simplus at Mobile Marketing Conference 2010

On May 13, 2010, Simplus participated as partner agency in the third edition of  Mobile Marketing Conference .

During the conference, international and local practitioners with a solid experience in the field debated over the issue of the efficiency of mobile-marketing, discussing about the tactics which could help increase the impact of marketing campaigns and integrate the mobile channel into a complex media strategy.

The event was meant to answer questions such as: Which is users’ degree of openness towards the advertising messages they receive?
How can the success of mobile marketing campaigns be measured?  What service opportunities and improvements of network operation are foreseen for the year 2010?  Which are the technologies and services with a major impact on the mobile telephony industry, both at present and in the long term?

Over 120 experts took part in the conference, receiving the latest information related to the technological innovations in the mobile environment, the promotion opportunities they provide, as well as the advantages of this channel as compared to traditional media.



Dan Boabes, the general manager of Simplus, spoke during the  “Mobile marketing - is it magic?” session about the concrete elements (discovered in years of practice) which may have a negative impact on a marketing campaign by sms and about the solutions of neutralising them, and included in his presentation an original practical experiment. In the second half of the conference, Dan Boabes presented the  “PartyTv - interaction TV “ case study, speaking about the approached strategy and tactics and about the results achieved by combining music television - applications and interactivity by sms.
During the whole conference, the participants could play Hangman by SMS,, an interactive application implemented by Simplus, in order to test live the attractivity and reliability of the services provided by the company, and at the end of the event the player who got the highest score won a mobile phone.

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On Saturday, March 6, 2010, the Eurovision 2010 national selection will take place, and SimPlus will organise, for the second year consecutively, the entire televoting solution for this event.

This year alsoSimPlus provides the graphical application, software for televoting, as well as the telephony platform.

Only 7 days before did the client ask us for the technical solution for a televoting application using green numbers, with certain special characteristics (large capacity of taking over, tracking and controlling costs - in order to remain within the imposed budgetary limits, interconnection with a large basis of operators, statistics in real time etc).

SimPlus is the only operator in Romania which has and operates numbers of the 0805 xxx xxx type, usable for applications of the televoting type with toll-free numbers.

With a remarkable support from the part of the main fixed and mobile telephony operators (thank you once again!), the solution could be activated in all the main networks in Romania (Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote, Digi, Romtelecom and RCS)

How did we organise ourselves?

- actively redundant servers (in clustering), in different locations, with load balancing, in order to organise more efficiently the task allocation to the pieces of equipment

- capacity supplements and allocations of new voice flows (hundreds of active lines, with a capacity of taking over more than 2 million votes)

- optimisation of inter-equipment signalling (concerning both voice and data).

Thus, SimPlus achieves yet another premiere in Romania.

Bucharest, March 5, 2010

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marketing at 360 degrees!

7.34 PM.

A day full of ideas, discussions, presentations, debates on the topic of marketing during the crisis period. This extremely interesting event ends with Marketing Arena 2009, a panel where 7 names in the field suggest creative  marketing ideas. Simplus, as main partner of the event, offers the platform of voting by SMS where the most appreciated idea by the audience will be designated by direct vote.

“Come on, these are the last 3 minutes during which you can vote. Do you have any more questions for the speakers?”

We will come back with a more detailed account of this extremely interesting day. 

Dan Boabes, answering the participants’ questions, related to the localisation solution.



Voting, Marketing Arena 2009


And the winner is….!!! Dan Petre, with an idea of contextual advertising, inserted into e-read platforms, books or other materials available in electronic format.

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SimPlus at the Cable Communications Convention, 14th edition.


The 14th edition of the Cable Communications Convention took place during November 10 - 11.

As compared to the previous edition, when there were 400 participants, this year there were 300, but oriented more towards the business segment rather than towards entertainment. Like last year, SimPlus   participated as sponsor of the event.
On November 10, during the Cable telecommunications technologies and equipment session, moderated by Dan Stroie - Technical Manager, Telemach Holding, Dan Boabes - General Manager of SimPlus delivered a presentation of the company’s services and spoke about the directions towards which a provider of premium SMS services orients and develops itself during this period of radical changes in the behaviour of telecommunications “consumers”.
The presentation started with the key question, “Do you earn enough? Are you happy with the company’s revenues during this period?” and then described in detail a series of services implemented by SimPlus, which offer an alternative, elegant and secure way of money-making by SMS. There was also presented a new and necessary development direction towards IPTV and VOD.
The other speakers were: Cristian Ceapa - Service Provider Account Manager, Cisco Romania, Stephane Le Dreau – Vice President Marketing, Nagravision, Hans Becks – On Demand Service Business Manager, Tandberg Television / Part of the Ericsson Group, Velimir Godec – Vice President Sales CEE Region, Teleste Corporation, Andras Nagy – General Manager, CEO, ATL Hungary

An idea emphasised by some of the participants was the TV-isation of WEB and, of course, the WEB-isation of TV, a direction towards which established representatives of mobile telephony, television and internet are trying to orient themselves.

Here are some pictures of the event.











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Simplus involved in the cultural project of Restoring the historic Monuments in Romania

Simplus implemented the SMS and voice (IVR) solution which will enable Romanians to decide by vote starting on September 20 which monument (out of a list of 30 monuments chosen together with the National Commission of Monuments) and at the same time to contribute to raising the necessary funds for the works.

The telephone and sms numbers where viewers can vote during the entire Restoration program, until the finals of December 1, are the same: 0900 160 440 and, respectively, 1388.
Each monument presented in a television show will receive a number by the order of appearance, 1-2-3, which the public will use in order to express its option either by calling through the fixed network or by SMS through the mobile phone networks.
Number for Romtelecom network: 0900 160 440 - price 0.95 ‚ (VAT included).
Number for SMS’s: 1388 - available in all mobile telephony networks in the country - price: 0.95 € (VAT included).

Here is what TVR declared on the site of the TV show about the importance of this project:

It is the first time in Romania when the public will be invited to an interactive television show on this topic, the “Restoration” show being an unhoped for chance of saving patrimony buildings classified as historic and architecture monuments. Complying with the international format purchased from Endemol-International B.V., TVR will present to the public 30 patrimony objectives around the country, which the viewers’ vote may save from degradation or even destruction.

Romanian Television is trying to convince you that things may be different. The “Restoration” campaign invites you to contribute to the rescue of historic monuments. 

30 buildings classified as historic monuments, selected with the help ot the National Commission of Monuments, enter a competition in which the general public will decide which of them will be restored. Now they belong to the townhalls and local councils that want to integrate them into the public circuit, and the TVR campaign is trying to help them.

For ten weeks, each Sunday, a documentary film will present to you three monuments that need to be restored. You will be invited to vote one out of three.

Ten buildings will get into the final which will take place on December 1. Then you will be invited to vote live which one out of the ten should be restored.

Also on December 1 a teledon will be organised with the aim of raising funds for the restoration of the winning building.

Our ancestors gave a leu for the Athenaeum, and the Athenaeum was built and we are proud of it. You can contribute directly to the rescue of other valuable buildings of our patrimony!

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Eurovision Junior 2009: Simplus provides the Televoting solution


On September 19, the song with which Romania will participate in the Eurovision Junior 2009 international contest in Kiev was designated. This is “You have the power in your hand“, composed and sung by Ioana Bianca AnuÅ£a from Slatina. The song and the artistic performance of Ioana Bianca AnuÅ£a and of the five dancers got 10 points from the jury and 12 points from the public, totalling the highest score among all the 15 finalist songs.


(picture source: TVR.ro)

As with the other 2009 editions of the Eurovision international contest, Simplus successfully provided the televoting, both by SMS to 1261 and by voice, each competitor being allotted a call number. The moment START TELEVOTING was launched , the public could vote one time for each favourite competitor.



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SimPlus introduces mobile parking in Albena

Starting on July 1, the Romanians who visit Albena have at their disposal a new and very handy way of paying the parking or access to the Bulgarian resort by a simple SMS.

The solution implemented by Simplus involves sending an SMS from a mobile phone to 7456 with the code on the parking ticket. The price is 2.55 Euro ( plus VAT)  , which covers the parking cost for 24 hours.

This payment system has several major advantages : speed, ease, elimination of the need to go to fixed payment points (reception, administration etc) and to have  leva (Bulgarian monetary unit).  Thus, the system of parking payment by SMS is already successful among the Romanian tourists on the Bulgarian seashore in less than two days from its launching.

Here are some photos:





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SimPlus implements voting for Miss Universe Romania 2009

On June 27, 2009, Romanian Television broadcast live the finals of Miss Universe Romania. The stakes were high as after 11 years Romania had again the opportunity to participate in such an international event, promoting national values and traditions at Miss Universe 2009 contest in Bahamas.
In the finals there were 23 competitors, out of which the representative of our country had to be designated. The choice was made as a result of several tests, among which presentations of the folk costume, the personality test which included general education tests, self-confidence, ability of communication…etc.
The final result consisted of a cumulative total of the votes of the Public and the votes of the Jury.
Simplus implemented and supervised the VOTING solution.
This consisted in a Televoting, accessible to the public, who had the possibility to express their choice by an SMS voting method, directly from the mobile phone.
And a Voting system for the jury, based on touch screen software, implemented by Simplus. The software ran on local servers, perfectly secured and isolated from the outside, and allowed the competitors to be voted in real time, for all the sections concerned (from the bathing suit test to the interview test).
After the winner was designated, the voting interface and the results were made public, and you can access them online at: http://missuniverse.simplus.ro.
Organising the voting for Miss Universe Romania was yet another large project successfully finalised by Simplus, along with the national and international editions of Eurovision.



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Simplus at RoNewMedia

On June 16, SimPlus participated as main partner in RoNewMedia, the largest meeting in Romania concerning Internet solutions and experience.

Anyone who wanted to find out what would happen on the internet the next day was present at the third edition of RoNewMedia conference. The audience that filled the Crowne Plaza hall attended and participated in discussions and debates about Web 3.0, mobile marketing, blogging, viral campaigns, RSS, feeds, user generated content, IP& WEB TV, social networks etc.

There were present representative names, important players in the field both from the local market and the international one, including: Jeremy Wright, b5media CEO, author of Blog Marketing, entrepreneur, author of best sellers - Canada; Tomasz Musial, General Manager of – BusinessClick.com, Poland; Gabriel Faflei,
General Manager of Monopoly Media; Arina Ureche, General Manager of BRAT, Zoso, etc. and, of course, Dan Boabes, General Manager and founder of SimPus Invest.

The debated topics were extremely interesting and diverse, ranging from: The difference between a blogger and a journalist. Blog: a manipulation tool, a personal business or simply repression? to discussions and studies about the efficiency of online promotion campaigns, from the Internet on other types of screens as well, i.e. large, very large and… very small: Digital Signage and Mobile Web to WebTv and IPTV, which provide the user with a total control and fewest ads.


 Dan Boabes spoke about the main problems of dating networks: the lack of trust in profiles, the lack of trust in payment systems, significant disproportions between the number of female users and male users, disbelief in the way personal data is handled, forecasting that free sites would dominate the market in the future and niche sites are becoming more and more attractive.

Dan BoabeÅŸ: The main problems of dating networks

  1. Also, in the second half of the day, at the debate over the topic Internet on other types of screens, Dan Boabes spoke about: “Mobile solutions, myths, frequent errors, trends”, an intervention that brought a note of originality to the conference, demonstrating live to the audience the way a material filmed on the spot on the mobile phone gets uploaded and availabile on a site in one minute maximum.
    The media materials uploaded during the conference may be watched on www.elodia.ro.img_3214

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