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Simplus at RoNewMedia

On June 16, SimPlus participated as main partner in RoNewMedia, the largest meeting in Romania concerning Internet solutions and experience.

Anyone who wanted to find out what would happen on the internet the next day was present at the third edition of RoNewMedia conference. The audience that filled the Crowne Plaza hall attended and participated in discussions and debates about Web 3.0, mobile marketing, blogging, viral campaigns, RSS, feeds, user generated content, IP& WEB TV, social networks etc.

There were present representative names, important players in the field both from the local market and the international one, including: Jeremy Wright, b5media CEO, author of Blog Marketing, entrepreneur, author of best sellers - Canada; Tomasz Musial, General Manager of – BusinessClick.com, Poland; Gabriel Faflei,
General Manager of Monopoly Media; Arina Ureche, General Manager of BRAT, Zoso, etc. and, of course, Dan Boabes, General Manager and founder of SimPus Invest.

The debated topics were extremely interesting and diverse, ranging from: The difference between a blogger and a journalist. Blog: a manipulation tool, a personal business or simply repression? to discussions and studies about the efficiency of online promotion campaigns, from the Internet on other types of screens as well, i.e. large, very large and… very small: Digital Signage and Mobile Web to WebTv and IPTV, which provide the user with a total control and fewest ads.


 Dan Boabes spoke about the main problems of dating networks: the lack of trust in profiles, the lack of trust in payment systems, significant disproportions between the number of female users and male users, disbelief in the way personal data is handled, forecasting that free sites would dominate the market in the future and niche sites are becoming more and more attractive.

Dan BoabeÅŸ: The main problems of dating networks

  1. Also, in the second half of the day, at the debate over the topic Internet on other types of screens, Dan Boabes spoke about: “Mobile solutions, myths, frequent errors, trends”, an intervention that brought a note of originality to the conference, demonstrating live to the audience the way a material filmed on the spot on the mobile phone gets uploaded and availabile on a site in one minute maximum.
    The media materials uploaded during the conference may be watched on www.elodia.ro.img_3214

published by Simplus on 18.06.2009

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