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Simplus involved in the cultural project of Restoring the historic Monuments in Romania

Simplus implemented the SMS and voice (IVR) solution which will enable Romanians to decide by vote starting on September 20 which monument (out of a list of 30 monuments chosen together with the National Commission of Monuments) and at the same time to contribute to raising the necessary funds for the works.

The telephone and sms numbers where viewers can vote during the entire Restoration program, until the finals of December 1, are the same: 0900 160 440 and, respectively, 1388.
Each monument presented in a television show will receive a number by the order of appearance, 1-2-3, which the public will use in order to express its option either by calling through the fixed network or by SMS through the mobile phone networks.
Number for Romtelecom network: 0900 160 440 - price 0.95 ‚ (VAT included).
Number for SMS’s: 1388 - available in all mobile telephony networks in the country - price: 0.95 € (VAT included).

Here is what TVR declared on the site of the TV show about the importance of this project:

It is the first time in Romania when the public will be invited to an interactive television show on this topic, the “Restoration” show being an unhoped for chance of saving patrimony buildings classified as historic and architecture monuments. Complying with the international format purchased from Endemol-International B.V., TVR will present to the public 30 patrimony objectives around the country, which the viewers’ vote may save from degradation or even destruction.

Romanian Television is trying to convince you that things may be different. The “Restoration” campaign invites you to contribute to the rescue of historic monuments. 

30 buildings classified as historic monuments, selected with the help ot the National Commission of Monuments, enter a competition in which the general public will decide which of them will be restored. Now they belong to the townhalls and local councils that want to integrate them into the public circuit, and the TVR campaign is trying to help them.

For ten weeks, each Sunday, a documentary film will present to you three monuments that need to be restored. You will be invited to vote one out of three.

Ten buildings will get into the final which will take place on December 1. Then you will be invited to vote live which one out of the ten should be restored.

Also on December 1 a teledon will be organised with the aim of raising funds for the restoration of the winning building.

Our ancestors gave a leu for the Athenaeum, and the Athenaeum was built and we are proud of it. You can contribute directly to the rescue of other valuable buildings of our patrimony!

published by Simplus on 14.10.2009

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