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The cell phone, Romanian’s burning passion

The economic crisis doesn’t seem to have reduced the budgets allocated for calls, as Romania is one of the markets with the most spectacular evolution in the telecommunications industry. Last year, the penetration rate of mobile telephony in Romania was of 133%, which represents 28.5 million SIM cards.
In Romania, mobile telephony has always been telecommunications operators’ ace in the hole. This type of service has managed to be adopted on a large scale, and we are speaking here both of voice calls and internet on mobile phone.
Our country has been included on the list of the 60 most important countries as far as mobile telephony market is concerned, the top leaders of the classification being Japan, South Korea and Italy. In Romania, the penetration rate of mobile telephony was of 133%, which represents 28.5 million SIM cards, above the average of East Europe. Out of these, 24.5 million are active cards. According to a study made on the Romanian market, in Romania there are around 16 million single users of GSM services. The estimate confirms the absorbtion of mobile telephony by the majority of the population aged 8 - 9, but also by the older population. Practically, mobile operators have demographic information regarding less people than those 40% who use subscriptions. This is due to the fact that each subscribed physical person may have two subscriptions with two different operators and is entered as being allotted 1.3 SIM cards.
Mobile telephony in figures: Romania in top 60 of the most important states as far as GSM network is concerned. 28.5 million SIM cards sold in 2008 in Romania. 3,600 billion SMS ’s sent globally in 2008. 4.3 billion written messages sent by Romanians last year. An average of one SMS a day sent by a single user in Romania.
2.74 million active mobile internet connections in 2008.

source: www.adevarul.ro

published by Simplus on 19.06.2009

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