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Research / whitepapers


Here is the example of a client that provided astrological prediction services through a classical method, predictions being sent by mail, COD. It turned to Simplus in search for an alternative solution which should streamline communication with clients, improve its solution of payment collection for the provided services and, thus, lead to a more efficient business.

Simplus offered this client a voice solution by providing a telephone number  with surcharge; the user calls the number with surcharge and is redirected  through our platform to the client's telephone numbers. Subsequently, because of the client's increasing necessity to cope with the demand, Simplus installed VOIP technology equipment on the client's premises, rendering costs substantially more efficient.

At present, over 90% of the client's revenues come from this voice solution. Simplus also provides voice mail services

Advertising agencies

Simplus implemented the solution of promoting a club launch, on a very well targeted public segment.; the location was a provincial town with a population of over 150,000 inhabitants. The advertising agency turned to Simplus for a campaing of notifications to a very well targeted public, classified by age, location and interest.

Simplus has a rich database of mobile telephony service users, which is very detailed as regards users' age, location, interests and availability of using mobile telephony services.  The response rate was good, and subsequently the agency that initiated the campaign used our service repeatedly for MT campaigns.


For an online strategy game, Simplus implemented a system of payment by SMS at the purchase of virtual objects and credits by registered users. It also provided a payment solution for the members who wanted a VIP subscription.

Mass media

In 2005 Simplus implemented the first interactive graphical application dedicated to television stations. This was Love Match, an application which, starting from an order received by SMS, provides a calculation of a couple's compatibility and a qualitative description of the relation. The answer is displayed in an attractive graphical format on the television screen, varying according to the type of answer; the user also receives the answer by sms.

Launched on a music television, the interactive game had a tremendous success during the first few months after its launch, recording a traffic of over 150,000 single users a month; subsequently, it stabilised itself to a constant traffic, which for 4 years has been of approximately 50% of the maximum recorded capacity.