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Premium IVR

IVR (Interactive Voice Response): These services refer to the interactive voice platfrom used for answering the voice calls of fixed or mobile telephony subscribers who want to have access to value-added services.
For example, it has been used very successfully in Call TV shows, those TV shows of the quizz type.

On the IVR platform the following types of services can be implemented:

- Voice mail

- Tree type services: the caller chooses different information variants (categories), navigating the menu by using the telephone keypad

- Televoting

- Services of taking over calls for a TV or radio station, calls  which are to be broadcast live. A telephone number with surcharge is used, being redirected to the client's telephone number.

- Call counting services, for the purpose of designating a winner; example: each caller is the winner of a certain prize, and at a certain number of callers  a great winner is designated.

- Redirecting calls to various destinations: internal or external; this kind of applications is addressed to those who want to receive certain categories of information in real time. 

- Informative services.

- Chat services, based both on voice and sms, available in all mobile networks. Voice-based chat services allow chat rooms where an unlimited number of users can get connected.

- Premium services of the voice mail type: when the client uses the service for the first time, he/she receives an identification code. at the subsequent  calls, by using  this code, he/she can send, record or listen to voice messages.

- Membership online services: it informs the client with regard to passwords, the status of the account on the online page. etc 

- Services of providing content for mobiles: logos, mobile games, ring tones: the caller enters the code of the selected product and the telephone number where he/she wants to receive the selected information package.

- Micropayment services with values of 3-10 euro, available both on Orange and Vodafone.


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