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Premium SMS

These are those sms services  to a short number, with surcharge (rates between 0.15 euro/sms and 10 euro/sms), used by the subscriber in order to send/receive information or make payments.

Advantage of SimPlus : large scope of values for sms's, very many sms numbers.

Examples of such services: messages and dedications to television channels, displayed on the screen; services of voting by sms, subscriptions to news, request of astrological predictions, sale with payment by sms of a large variety of products or services, such as books, T-shirts, CD's, virtual objects typical of online games, codes of access to sites which offer services for a fee, subscriptions to magazines or other type of publications etc.

The advantage of Simplus is due to the long experience and the credibility  Simplus has gained in the collaboration with mobile telephony operators: efficient consultancy in developing the service and in establishing a way of implementation and operation adapted to the client's needs, single rates in all mobile networks  for the same sms number, adaptability, rapidity and orientation towards the client.

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