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SMS at normal rate

SMS with normal rate: (availabile also for voice) refers to the following types of servicesl:   notifications by sms, receiving codes, advertising by sms, callcenter numbers.

Promotional campaigns by sms of the PUSH type: originated by a client of Simplus to a certain category of subscribers, aiming at increasing notoriety, announcing certain promotions or special offers

Advantage of SimPlus: we have a solid and   well-structured database of mobile telephony users, classified by location, age, interest, gender, availability of accessing mobile telephony services. We can also work with the client's database.

b.  Promotional campaigns by sms of the PULL type: these are those campaigns in which the client offers users certian promotions in which users may participate by sms; or they stimulate subscribers to search for certain information. The database provided by Simplus may be used or the client's database may be used if the client has one.

c. CRM campaigns: used in order to maintain the relationship with the clients or to create loyalty; the sent message has an informative character or contains notifications, advertisements, alerts. For example, it is used in order to notify the clients of the status of an account, the issue of an invoice, the launch of a new service they might be interested in etc.

d. B2E campaigns: used for maintaining communication between a company and its employees. Through this type of campaign the company notifies its employees of new offers, training programmes and events they can participate in. The client's database is used.

SimPlus provides the clients with the mechanism and infrastructure necessary for any type of marketing campaign,  SMS Marketing or Mail2SMS, and it also provides counsel and the technical support necessary for tracking the results of such campaigns in real time.

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