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Terms and conditions

The provisions stated below apply to the content of the site www.simplus.ro and define the terms and conditions regarding the use of the site by potential visitors or clients. By accessing and navigating this site, you accept the terms of use described below.

The objective of the site content is to convey updated and accurate information.

SimPlus  cannot guarantee that these pages do not contain errors and ensures that it will make all the necessary efforts to provide correct and efficient information.
Anyone who wants to purchase one of the services or products presented on the site is kindly asked to contact SimPlus using one of the displayed means îon the Contact page of the site, in order to inquire for the availability of the respective service or product as well as of the contractual terms, fees, rates and technical or other type of information.

Link with other sites: This site may include links or references to other sites considered useful by SimPlus in relation with the content of its site and which are not under its control or guidance. As for the use of these links or references, the general terms of use corresponding to those sites shall apply.

SimPlus cannot guarantee/control the up-to-dateness/accuracy of the information present on third parties' sites to which references are made on its site

Personal information:
Through this site personal information may be requested. This is intended to identify the User and/or a possibility to contact him/her. The nature of the requested information refers îespecially to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), e-mail address, but it may also include other information which is closely related to the use of SimPlus services and/or products.. SimPlus shall keep the confidentiality of this information. Some information requested through the site may be subject to a personal data processing. By accessing and navigating this site, Users consent îexpressly and unequivocally to the carrying out of such processings.

Rights to the content of the site: The information on this site is strictly informative and belongs to SimPlus Invest. The entire content is protected by the copyright law. The reproduction, duplication, distribution, multiplication, publication of any type of material on this site for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of SimPlus are forbidden.

Simplus reserves the right to modify these provisions without prior notice.

The further use îof this site represents your express and unequivocal consent îin accordance with the provisions of law 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data.

For any ambiguity îrelated to the exercise of your rights with regard to the use of the site and the protection of the use please feel free to contact us by using the Contact section on the site.
I have read those stated above and I declare I agree with the content of these general terms of use.

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